Debt Collection Defense


If you have been served with a lawsuit from a Junk Debt Buyer you may or may not recognize the Junk Debt Buyer that is suing you. Junk Debt Buyers, such as CACH, LLC., Cavalry SPV I, LLC., Midland Funding, LLC., and Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC., sue thousands of consumers in Florida each and every month. You are definitely not alone.

Junk Debt Buyers buy unpaid consumer debt from Original Creditors after the debt has been charged-off because of non-payment and attempt to collect on the debt.

Junk Debt Buyers buy unpaid debt from Original Creditors for pennies on the dollar on accounts that the Original Creditors no longer want, and attempt to collect the full face value of the debt.  

Their mission is to make a huge profit after investing pennies on the dollar for these accounts, including your defaulted account. To that end, the Junk Debt Buyers engage in high volume litigation by filing hundreds of thousands of lawsuits because they know that most people will not defend themselves.

The Cipriano Law Firm has extensive knowledge and experience defending consumers who have been sued by Junk Debt Buyers attempting to collect on consumer debts. The Cipriano Law firm represents consumers who have been sued by Junk Debt Buyers in Hillsborough County and surrounding counties.